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Premier Hardwood Flooring Installation, Repair & Wood Floor Refinishing

We at American Hardwood Floor Company install only the highest quality new hardwood floors. Since 1968 we have proudly served the needs of Denver Metro area residents with the most prompt, professional, and dependable service possible.

Hardwood Repair
Already have a hardwood floor that could use a little touch up work? American Hardwood Floor Company also makes repairs to your existing floors. Our motto is "where no job is too small." Whether your hardwood repair needs are large or small, we'll be able to get it done.

Hardwood Maintenance
Your hardwood floors are easy to maintain. Simply mop the floors with 1 cup vinegar to one gallon of hot water. When your floors become worn, give us a call. We offer full hardwood refinishing services to revitalize your old hardwood flooring.

Whether you're looking for new hardwood floors, or need hardwood refinishing, our skilled team will take great care of your floors. Call us today for a Free Bid at 303-781-6811

American Hardwood Floor Company

Hardwood Floor in Highlands Ranch, Englewood & Littleton Colorado

Beautiful hardwood flooring in Highlands Ranch, CO

Hardwood floors, still in existence, can be found in early American homes dating back to 1667 in Charleston, South Carolina, although the fastening techniques have changed and coating products have advanced.

The ¾” tongue and groove solid plank concept remains unchanged.

Hardwood floors are a natural product that, depending on wear and tear and cleaning, will last a lifetime. Hardwood refinishing is a great way to ensure that your flooring lasts and remains vibrant. Screen coat touch up may be required approximately every six years to maintain and keep luster and life in the wood.

During low moisture season or prolonged droughts, contractions in the wood may lead to minor gaps. These gaps can be reduced if a humidifier is used at a recommended setting of 35%. A humidifier is effective on gaps at a thickness of a dime or less.

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American Hardwood Floor Company

American Hardwood Floor Company recommends all solid plank floors be N.O.F.M.A. rated for proper moisture counts during the manufacturing process.

American Hardwood Floor Company uses D.C.S. (Dust Containment System), which is approximately 90% efficient. We also seal open areas with plastic to control dust movement.

Other services offered include: Insurance claims, pet damage, improper installation of dishwasher face plates, molding removal and reinstall, subfloor sealing, and carpet pad removal.

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