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Do not use ammonia, wax, oil, or soap products on wood flooring.  These products will affect the ability to re-coat your floor.  Instead, use a soluton formulated specifically for cleaning your hardwood floors.  American Hardwood Floor Company recommends you use a vinegar and water solution (quarter cup to a warm gallon of water).  Do not allow cleaning solution to stand on your floor--remove it promptly with a damp (but not wet) mop.

We highly recommend you install a humidifier in your furnace/home to minimize your hardwood floor expansion and contraction.  You should maintain a relative humidity in your home from 35-50%.

Dirt, grit, and sand are your hardwood floor's enemies.  Acting like a course sandpaper, they lead to scratches, dents, and dulling.  Placement of  area rugs or floor mats at entrances and heavy use areas will catch most of the dirt.  Sweep or use a dust mop weekly.  Attend to spills immediately.

Sunlight can cause hardwood floors to become discolored.  Keep blinds drawn during times of direct sun or consider sheer drapes to help protect your floors from the sun's damaging rays.

Lift (don't drag) furniture any time you need to move it.  Use felt or cloth protectors under all furniture legs.  Self-adhesive and easy to shape, these virtually invisible surface protectors allow movement without scratching.

To keep your well maintained hardwood floors looking great year after year, American Hardwood Floor Company recommends screen and recoat service.  This process involves buffing the floor and then applying a new coat of finish.  This will revitalize your floors and provide extra protection.  This service is best for floors that are generally in good conditiion, but are beginning to show signs of wear in high traffic areas.  Regular screen and recoat service (once every three years) will help to preserve your floor's finish and prevent the need for complete refinishing.

American Hardwood Floor CompanyWe are committed to providing you the best solution for all your hardwood floor needs, from our installation to repair to refinishing.                  

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