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Benefits of Hardwood

  • If properly cared for, hardwood floors will last a lifetime.
  • Hardwood floors never go out of style.
  • Hardwood floors add value to your home.
  • Hardwood floors are easy to care for.

Let’s talk oak wood floor refinishing:

Kitchen Hardwood

The floor should be sanded with proper equipment and appropriate abrasive sand paper to prepare
floors for a good coating. Norton, 3M paper, Bona Kemi-Blue are the standard materials we use.

Wood Fillers: We recommend trowel filler base made with oak saw dust, clay, and glue base. Oil base
floor filler can have large color variation that creates noticeable filler marks.

When applying finish, the first coat needs a minimum of 8 hours to dry although the finish is dry and
hard to walk on after 4 hours. The finish must be allowed 8 hours to “gas out.”

2 coat screen sand must be done as this breaks all texture (air bubbles) out of coat. This allows for
a smoother finish and longer durability of floor finish. Floor not screened will begin to show wear
patterns within six months.

We put 3 coats of finish on every floor. This provides a solid floor. Some floor companies only put on
2 coats. Colorado is very arid and wood floors absorb the finish. Other floor companies may say this
is not needed; however, I disagree. This standard was set by my father, a wood craftsman) in 1968. 3
coats of finish have worked wonderfully for 44 years, so we’ll continue to do it.

Let’s talk water damage:

The repairs listed below refer to 3/4” solid plank flooring. Laminates have different repair methods.

Water damage may occur from leaking dishwashers, refrigerators, and sinks.

Red Oak

Most homes built after 1975 have exterior grade OSB (Aspenite) subfloors to meet uniform building
standard. This product is treated to withstand moisture. This minimizes severe damage and mold
growth, depending on the amount of water. Most solid plank floors need only have the bad boards
replaced. Refinished minor color variations may exist; however, within a 6-8 week period of time, the
full bleed out of color takes place and it will match the existing floor color.

Floors that are properly installed will have a minimum of a 3/16” gap along the edges allowing for
expansion when the floor gets excessive water on the surface. The expansion gap minimizes the damage
caused from surface water.

When water damage occurs, fix water leak source and let the floor dry for 7 days, ventilated well. Wood
has natural tendencies. They include ends with ‘smile’ upwards, end with ‘frown’ downwards or peak-
heave like mountain ranges. Once this happens, contact American Hardwood Floor Company to get
a moisture count reading and an estimate for repairs. We may conclude that additional dry time is
needed. Never do a repair or replacement without allowing for proper dry times.

Hardwood floor solid planks are extremely durable and can take severe punishment. When damage
occurs, and it will, fix and repair only the damaged areas. Full replacement is rarely needed.


Red Oak Medium Stain

Most people have wood floors that come with homes they purchase, so they are not faced with the
challenge of selecting a color. When working on an update/remodel, I advise my customers to match
existing hardwoods to maintain the flow and integrity of the home. Consideration should be given to
other brown wood tones in the architecture, wall color and furniture in the home.

Environmentally Friendly:

Depending on how you source your wood, you can actually protect your environment. Wood floors
require less energy, emit less harmful chemicals and require less manpower to keep them clean.
When comparing wood floors to carpet, carpet fibers collect dust, dander, and even volatile organic
compounds (VOCs). Carpet continually emits VOCs, while hardwood floors emit VOCs only for the
8 hours of drying time (8 hours). Once the finish is dry, the VOCs are locked down into the floor.
Hardwood floors are more impervious to the pollutants. In comparing wood floors to ceramic tile, grout
can be a warehouse for bacterial. Grout should be re-sealed annually to keep be kept allergen free.

Meet the owner:

As owner of the company, I am on the jobsite every day. When I have staff at your location, they are
dressed appropriately, clean shaven, and have my company logo on their shirts. My staff members are
very disciplined; true craftsmen, always maintaining the standards of my company. We provide written
contracts and all work will be performed. We provide start dates and times as well as completion dates.

I don’t carry a cell phone to your job site, as I devote 100% of my attention to the proper completion of
your job.

We are an old fashioned hardwood floor companies. My values have ensured the success of our
company, in business since 1968. Let us show you that craftsmanship still matters in America.

American Hardwood Floor CompanyAmerican Hardwood Floor Company is defined by craftsmen who love their work and truly appreciate their customers and clients.

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