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Additionally, specialists know how to help you get the most value for your money. Therefore, if you work with a flooring company, they will be able to match your budget to the right type of wood. This can give you a more narrow, focused scope of options to choose from.

Professionals understand which types of wood work best in certain environments. A hardwood floor company specializes in providing you with a wide variety of options you may not find in a home improvement store. This is especially important if you have certain needs that require an exact color or type of wood.

Perhaps one of the largest advantages of working with professionals is the installation process. This can be a labor-intensive and time-consuming job. The wood panels will need to be trimmed to fit your home’s measurements and attached to the floor correctly to prevent bending, breaking or warping wood. Utilizing a company that specializes in hardwood means that the job will be done correctly, and if it isn’t, they are responsible for fixing it. If you are looking into using a hardwood floor company for installation, make sure they are licensed and insured. This will help ensure that the work done in your home is certified and protected.

Hardwood Floor

All of these substances can quickly ruin the flooring for good. They may strip, scratch, and destroy the surface which will greatly decrease the aesthetic quality, as well as the overall life expectancy of the hardwood floor. If you anticipate getting many more years out of the beautiful wood you have recently purchased, it is critical that you only use manufacture approved products when cleaning. Despite the fact that many popular home cleaning chemicals may boast of their ability to effectively clean and protect wood, they may often fail to do so and still cause damage in the process. Likewise, dousing the area in water or thoroughly waxing it may cause detrimental effects which are irreversible unless you consider replacement.

Hardwood Floor

Hardwood Flooring

There is more than one reason to make sure your hardwood floor gets swept on a daily basis. First, you may avoid injury when the area is regularly cleaned and free of debris. Second, sweeping up crumbs and other debris may help you to identify areas that may need a little more attention. For example, perhaps yesterday your child’s cup was tipped and dribbled a bit of apple juice underneath the dining room table. Now, there are crumbs and dust surrounding the area masking the tell tales signs of yesterday’s spill. The time has come for you to sweep the floor and you notice the sticky spots underneath the table. You may have never noticed these until the floor was thoroughly swept. Making the time to sweep your hardwood floor should be done at least once a day.

Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Refinishing floors can also help get rid of stubborn stains that cleaning just can’t remove. Additionally, if you notice that some of the wood panels have begun to warp, your options are limited. Lastly, you might want to look into a refinishing service if you notice that the protective coating on the wood has been worn away, exposing wood fibers.

If you have used a hardwood floor company to install your flooring, you can ask them how often your specific floor should be refinished. Typically, this largely depends on the wear and tear put on the wood. For example, a home with pets and kids may mean the floors need to be refinished more often than a home with someone who lives by themself.

The hardness rating of the wood can also determine how often it should be refinished. The typical tongue-and-groove floor should be refinished about 10 times during its lifetime for optimum beauty. However, engineered flooring may not need to be refinished as often. A manufacturer can typically recommend general guidelines for when you should employ hardwood floor refinishing.

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